17 Mar, 2017

Growth of the Lip Trend

Lips have grown in trend along with eyebrows.

Unfortunately, this obsession has caused some women to go over the top with invasive procedures such as filler. Yes filler, if done correctly by a skilled hand, can look exceptionally beautiful. The only problem is cost. Like everything, a skilled doctor doesn’t come cheap. We all have that friend who went to a lip doctor once and instantly you can tell…And unfortunately not for the right reasons.  

My worst nightmare would be to hear “oh have you had your lips done?” 

If it is done correctly no one should be able to tell your trickary. Unfortunately this ruse is not only time consuming and costly. You will need 3-4 appointments with 4 months gap between each appointment. Top-ups every 5 months are also needed to maintain the look and however amazing your lips turn out they do not last. The cost will add up and become eye wateringly unbearable. 

Drawing them correctly to add 1mm here and there will add definition and illusion to your lips. Make sure you have a sharp pencil that is the colour you wish, and a shade or two shades lighter lipstick to pop on top. Draw the lip liner as you normally would but fill in all the 4 corners of your lip fully with the liner as well as the surrounding lip line leaving a strip of your own natural lip still in the center. Pop the lipstick on top and blot. To add more drama, pop a tiny little bit of lip gloss on the bottom lip in the center. Voila!  

Semi permanent make-up can help a tremendous amount. If you don’t wish to add any colour but simply want your lips bigger then a personalised pigment can be created that is the exact colour as your lips. Therefore any shape that is added outside of your own lip line looks completely natural. The picture below showcases this perfectly on my lovely client. 

Some people who have smaller lips than the ones below to start off with like to go the whole hog and insists on fillers first. When they have reached their desired size have semi-permanent make-up to combat the loss of pigment that sometimes happens to your natural lips after filler. If this is your preferred route just make sure you see a semi-perminant make-up artist after the fillers and not before. 

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Parisa Hatami
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