17 Mar, 2017

Top Facial Cleansers

The wonderful world of cleansers. I find choosing this skin care product the easiest compared to, for instance face masks, but it has still taken me many years of tried, tested and failed ventures to find the ones I now count as my trustees. 

I think listening to your skin is the best way to start. I know personally my skin isn’t the same throughout one month. So some days call for a light cleanse in the mornings or depending on how much makeup you have on in the evenings, a more thorough double cleanse. 

Here are a few of my favourite cleansers....

Clinique Take The Day Off 

I simply cannot live without this product. It is by far the best product for taking off make-up on the market. It melts mascara away like a dream. It emulsifies into a gorgeous cream and after you perform the second cleanse I challenge you to wipe your face on a white towel…I guarantee it will be clean as a whistle. It’s not cheap-cheap, however it is exceedingly good value considering the amount of product and how long it will last. I imagine it is a cheaper version of the all mighty Eve Lom Balm. However I would never suggest taking your make-up off with an £85 cleanser. The horror. In my eyes, cleansers don’t stay on the skin long enough to justify spending a fortune on them. Clinique is affordable enough and does an excellent job. 

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser 

This cleanser is perfect if you have oily and sensitive skin. The problem with oily skin is people tend to over cleanse, which then leads to more oil being produced. My all time bug-bear is products for oily skin that strip the skin, just no! This cleanser is cheap (you get a lot of it), non-fragranced, and it also contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides which both have a non-drying effect on the skin. Be warmed however, it’s not great for removing make-up. So using this as a second cleanse will give the best results. 

Simple gel face wash 

If budget is an issue then washing your face with a Simple face wash will do the job you need. The only thing to be careful of is foaming cleansers. If a cleaner is foaming then it will dry your skin. This gel cleanser doesn’t contain Sodium laureth sulfate so this issue is eradicated here. I would not recommend this for removing make up so find an affordable oil cleanser to remove make-up first. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 

This was the first cleanser my mum ever introduced me too as it was a QVC favourite and, well it was the 90's!  I have recently digressed from this cleanser but it is still one of my all time favorites. Liz Earle’s formulas work for me. After a few weeks my skin becomes porcelain-like in appearance as the essentials oils make my face appear even toned. 

Tatter Harper 

If budget isn’t an issue then you need to get your mitts on this. It is raved about on a lot of beauty blogs and it is evident why. Organic and cruelty free, the scent is a dream that lifts you up into freshness heaven. It is definitely a second cleanse. I do not recommend using this to take make-up off. You will notice your skin clearer and more even toned after a few weeks of this luxury. It is a treat and a very nice treat at that – maybe one to get on the Christmas or Birthday gift list. 

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Parisa Hatami
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