17 Mar, 2017

What is Microblading?

Originating in Asia, microblading is performed by depositing pigment in the upper layer of the dermis by the use of a hand tool. The hand tool is made up of a group of tiny and compact needles, the thickness and size depending on the style of brow that needs to be achieved. 

Is Microblading right for you?

I have more requests for microblading than any other procedure. Yet I am finding more and more people with very little brow hair requesting it. This is only in my opinion, but microblading alone is best suited to a person who has brow hair already. I have seen a lot of YouTube videos of an alopecia brow beautifully transformed with microblading alone and think this is unfair on the person watching as, once healed microblading leaves a very soft finish. Which is perfect should that be all you need. But I find if you are missing hair from the center of your brow then a combination brow or 3D brow is what is needed to create that perfect brow. 

Why choose it over regular tattooing and what are the lasting results?

Deciding which treatment to choose depends on the desired lasting result you want to achieve. The lasting results from microblading differ from a machine result. The hair strokes created with a 1 point needle using a machine will blur slightly over time once healed. Whereas with microblading the hair strokes stay true to form.  This does not make one better than the other. But it is helpful to know the difference when trying to choose the right procedure for you. 

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Parisa Hatami
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