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Eyes are commonly described as the window to the soul. They are the focus of the face and are what we use to connect with others. They are also the first to hint if we are feeling tired or run down. Semi-permanent make-up can enhance eyes in a spectacular way. As far as make-up Faux Pas go, smudged eyeliner comes high on the list. Semi-permanent cosmetics can eradicate the smudged look, and save an enormous amount of time in the morning.  If you’re a glasses wearer in particular, then it is even more useful. Weather it’s a subtle darkening of the lashes or a glamorous Latino-style eyeliner, your eyes will truly look fabulous 24/7.

The Procedure

Eyelash Enhancement

This treatment consists of pigment being placed between the rows of lashes to give them a thicker and fuller appearance and some definition to the eye. Not quite an eyeliner, it is subtle enough to not look like a form of make-up, but definitely enough to make the eyes pop. 

Baby Eyeliner

A baby eyeliner can be achieved with semi-permanent make-up. A subtle baby flick for everyday wear.


If you’re a lover of a big flick and want to wake up with perfect symmetrical Latino eyeliner everyday that won’t rub off then this treatment will tick those boxes.

Baby eyeliner


Eyelash Enhancement

All Treatments Include Free 6-8 week Top Up

EyeLiner Treatments

Eyelash Enhancement
Eyelash Enhancement
Top & Bottom
Small Eyeliner
Thick Eyeliner

Flexible Payment Plan Available

Why Choose Parisa

My Ethos is simple - to make the work look as natural as possible.

Throughout the process I am always meticulous at identifying exactly what you want and creating a look that is tailored specifically for you.

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